Saint Austral Sound and IKLECTIK
have partnered to offer free live recordings, as well as reduced rate recording sessions, to musicians who are exploring new musical territory, and wish to share the fruits.

Free live recordings at IKLECTIK
If you have a gig booked at IKLECTIK and would like it recorded, please fill out the very short form here.
While we cannot guarantee everyone a recording, applications that are received sooner are more likely to succeed than last-minute ones.  A week or less before the event is dicey...
(PS: Please read the simple terms and conditions at the bottom of the application. They are really very straight-forward, but we want to avoid any possible misunderstandings. Thanks.)

Reduced rate recording sessions at IKLECTIK
The acoustics at IKLECTIK are excellent. Dedicated recording sessions allow for careful sound checks in a quiet controlled environment. Dedicated sessions allow you to do multiple takes
of a piece until you are satisfied with it.
No coughing, slamming doors, or other audience noises…
Also, we spend more time on the mix, working closely with you to ensure that it meets your expectations.
Our very affordable reduced rates can be downloaded here

If you have any questions, please contact us.